Vision on Identity and Access Management to 2020

Client challenges

  • Web IDM (identity management) & ACM (access management) are applications that manage all identity and permissions data for the majority of the applications in the scope of the Flemish Government.
  • The former application had maintenance problems and was based on end-of-life products.
  • Integrating new applications was too expensive and took too much time.
  • Government was looking for a more extensible system that provides better usability to end users.
  • Requirement for centralized identity and access management.


  • Modernization of the existing application.
  • Provide Java developers and project managers who work with third parties on building blocks.
  • Java implementation of Web IDM (information published in LDAP and active directory for other systems) and migration between legacy and new environment.
  • Distributing data to systems that need information for access management.
  • Replace Sun IDM by Open IDM.
  • Develop a generic data model where everything is customizable and configurable.

Value for citizens/government

  • A centralised solution with good usability.
  • Flexible and applicable in every department of the Flemish Government.
  • One-time cost.
  • Short time between idea and implementation.
  • Increased security through extra new features.
  • Single sign-on based on flexible policies.