Subsidy Motor containing a framework to collect the data and execute the calculations

Client challengesflanders_horizontaal

  • WSE department is responsible for subsidies in the work and social economy context – e.g. Subsidies that are paid to organisations aiming to help handicapped people to integrate back into the regular economy.
  • WSE collects data that is needed to calculate the amount that should be paid out to the organisation, based on the current regulations.
  • Strong requirement to never ask for the same data twice, so that integration with authentic data sources from regional or federal governments is key.
  • Need to simplify the subsidies, but a lot of rules were not known.


  • DXC Technology built a Subsidy Motor (SuMo) containing a framework to collect the data.
  • HPE ProductXpress is used to design, simulate and execute the calculations.
  • Added features to do the follow-up of the subsidies and related payments.
  • Added multiple types of subsidy regulations into the same system.
  • The data collection framework was split off from SuMo into SeMo (Service Motor) so that it also could be reused for other WSE applications.

Value for citizens/government

  • SuMo changed their way of working and digitized the entire process. SuMo does the real calculation and follows up.
  • Reduced administration, as authentic data sources are used to collect data automatically.
  • Less administration for the companies and organisations that apply for subsidies.
  • Increased accuracy and ensured correctness.
  • Know when to ask for what data.