How does DGX work?

Experience your vision

Define your strategy with our transformation workshops facilitated in a collaborative environment.

  • Attend creative Envision workshops
  • Be part of Transformation Experience workshops
  • Create the business case for change
  • Roadmap your digital journey
  • De-risk and future proof your strategy

Experience your digital journey

Plan your roadmap alongside all your key stakeholders.

Also our Architect Blueprint sessions bring your experts together with ours under one roof to model an architecture design for the project or scope you’re working on and baseline for project build and future maintenance.

  • Attend road mapping sessions
  • Future proof your architecture
  • Baseline your project build and future maintenance

Experience expert insight

Be inspired with different viewpoints from industry’s leading experts.

  • Access industry leading viewpoints
  • Attend innovation and trend sessions
  • Listen to experts talks
  • Take part in round tables
  • Attend themed lunches
  • Access nine global Innovation Centres and Hot Houses
  • Join live events and demonstrations

Experience your prototype

Build and test your solution in an iterative and secure way.

  • Run a full Hot House
  • Test your Proof of Concept
  • Watch live demonstrations

Experience how to apply technologies

Share your solution with others at hosted events in the DGX.

  • Demonstrate your solutions
  • Attend an event
  • Host an event

Latest News & Insights

Explore different perspectives on how digital transformation is reshaping modern governments.

  • 12+

    During the past 12 years, we’ve partnered with the Flemish Government throughout their digital transformation journey

  • 50+

    We have 50+ years of applications development experience and manage more than one million applications globally.

  • 1M

    We have local expertise on digital transformation based on a million workdays of knowledge.

  • 400+

    More than 400 government experts support the Belgium government sector, with services ranging from network security and application development to strategic, multi-year programmes.

  • 67%

    67% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 generate real-time, actionable insights with our open source solutions.

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