How DGX Made Me AI-Enabled


By Sarie Maes – Functional Analyst

After my graduation in February 2018 I chose DXC Technology in order to pursue my dream career – and what a great choice it was! From day one it felt (and it still does) that I am the driver of my own career car and I am able to decide which route I want to take. I showed great interest in the big ‘buzzer’ Artificial Intelligence (AI), and after saying that out loud, an AI case in the DGX center was assigned to me. The intention of this three-week training was to give a triggering presentation to a client of DXC in such a way that they want to get onboard with us – what a thrill.

A training session with a client is the DGX method to upgrade the existing knowledge of the client. For DXC it is a great opportunity to position and even promote themselves to the client in such a way that the client is triggered to choose DXC to implement a certain technology. For the client it is rather informative as the different technologies available are explained in different ‘workstations’. One of the workstations concerns AI, and that is where I come in as a (soon to-be) expert to tell them something more about this next big thing.

But first… Let me become this AI- ‘expert’ in 2.5 weeks.

To get an idea of the different possibilities of AI, I had the chance to visit a congress in Brussels on the 18th April (organized by the government), where different speakers shared their knowledge and their ideas about AI. At the event I had the opportunity to talk to different experts and scale up my assessed case. Working out a demo by using Azure from Microsoft, is an idea that I got from more than one ‘expert’. After some more reading and a lot of fast failing with other well-known platforms (when trying to set up a working model), I can proudly say that I became a semi-expert.

My first three weeks at the DGX center were extremely interesting and certainly triggered my interest for AI even more. The hard work of the first three weeks was very useful in the training session, as I was able to answer to a lot of questions of the client. I’m very proud to be contributing to their IT knowledge. I am looking forward to the rest of my career at DXC.