From Starter to Robotizing Clients Manual Workload in 3 Weeks

By Arno De Smet – Business Analyst

In February 2018 I started working for DXC Technology as a Business Analyst. I was welcomed at the DGX centre on my first day, where they explained to me what I would be doing in the next three weeks. It was a surprise for me when they told me I would get the chance to learn about and work with a disruptive technology. In the end I chose to learn more about RPA.

My first week at DGX consisted of following client sessions and learning about what the possibilities of RPA are. Later on in the second week my assignment started to take shape as a RPA process needed to be made for a live demo in a client session.

The fact that I was already going to give a demo to a client during my first month at DXC made me excited. The focus of the demo was mainly to show the possibilities of RPA to the client. These kinds of demos are used to inspire the client and to show them how helpful this particular technology could be in their daily work.

At the beginning I started from scratch, since I had never heard/done something with RPA before I started working at DXC. Just by looking up general information about ‘Why RPA?’, ‘What is possible with RPA?’, etc. I started to get the bigger picture and the possibilities of RPA. At this point I also started looking for manuals, guides and other materials to learn the basic skills of UiPath. UiPath is actually a user-friendly program which automates processes through a virtual robot.

Of course this didn’t go off without a hitch directly from the start. It was by learning due to trial and error, I finally made a working RPA flow. Luckily, I could always ask for help if I didn’t know how to continue. It was of course a big help to have people around who were ready to help me if I ran into trouble.

In the end, although it was a challenging assignment, I was really happy and satisfied with the result of my RPA demo. Another reason why the RPA demo was successful is because the customer decided to book a new session to get a better insight of RPA.

In this way I have been able to learn and work with a disruptive technology. It is certainly something I would recommend to other starters. In general, my time at DGX ensured I know which new technologies have the potential to be used in the daily business life.

To sum up, I think the DGX concept is a real success because we, as young starters, also get a chance to work on innovative projects. Through DGX I came into contact with different kinds of people across DXC. It was an excellent way for me to get to know the company and its culture. I learned to work with a new ‘technology’, but at the same time I got to know my colleagues at DXC. I really enjoyed my time at the DGX centre because I had the chance to experiment with new technologies.