My first assignment was a Design Studio

By Altin Tola – Business Analyst 

In January 2017, I began working for HPE (now DXC Technology) as a Business Analyst. What struck me most was the growth mindset that rules in this company. Even though I had just started, I was assigned to participate in a client-facing workshop called a Design Studio – and I loved it.

A Design Studio is a DGX methodology to help organizations accelerate their innovation lifecycle. The purpose is to shape potential solutions for business issues during an intensive, three-day workshop.

VEA, the Flemish Energy Agency, approached DGX to enhance its ‘enforcement’ processes. Today, the procedures are rather cumbersome and the supporting applications are not user-friendly. A perfect case for a Design Studio approach.

Workshop participants included the VEA business owners as well as people from their IT organization who will be involved in the future implementation of the solution. The DGX delegation consisted of a neutral facilitator, a senior domain expert and two visualization tool users. That’s where I fit into the story. Together with another starter, I thoroughly studied Balsamiq and Mendix, tools for visualizing high-level concepts through mock-ups and prototypes.

Day 1 of the Design Studio aimed to discover the true business challenges and needs. On day 2 we started shaping a high-level, innovative concept and creating different mock-ups. Then we built a ready-to-use prototype (online application). It was amazing to see how every participant gained new insights into the subject while we evaluated the mock-ups and the prototype. All feedback was immediately used to adapt the prototype. At the end of day 3, we finalized it. From a complex business issue to a potential solution in only three days. What an efficient approach!

After the workshop, VEA field users started to test and judge the prototype. Their feedback was added to the findings from the workshop to produce a very detailed, comprehensive business case, which allows VEA to make a more informed decision.

My first Design Studio workshop was an extremely interesting experience. VEA told us that they plan to organize a follow-up project based on the outcome of the workshop. I’m very proud of my contribution in making this happen!

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