Experiencing an Inspiration Session

By Loïc Wetz

As a young professional starting my career at DXC Technology, it is key for me to understand the different ways in which digital technology can reshape the way business is done.

However, I’m also increasingly aware of the fact that on quite a lot of occasions, it isn’t the technology that is the limiting factor, but rather the lack of new and fresh ideas. Being able to turn an idea into a new tool that enables work to be done better, faster, and more efficiently, is exactly what we strive for at DXC.

But it was not only the refreshing approach of how DXC enables the creation of new ideas and perspectives that made me excited to join the team. The fact that DXC goes beyond the “daydreaming” phase and turns an idea into a tangible product right away, I believe, is what makes the company’s initiatives very valuable for clients. I found this out first hand at an Inspiration Session.

Getting Inspired

In April 2017, I had the opportunity to help facilitate an Inspiration Session along with two other young business analysts (Thibault Degrande and Charlotte Delarue) hosted by DXC’s Digital Government Experience Centre (DGX) in Mechelen, Belgium. The main theme was “making the right choice on education.”

The DGX team led the group through a day-long workshop that was all about taking a step back from the day-to-day working environment at their governmental institution, identifying key issues together, and brainstorming on new approaches to tackle these issues. The whole idea was not to get bogged down in working out operational business processes, but rather to look at business challenges from an outside-in, student (and their parents) -oriented, perspective. For this aspect, the DGX team collaborates with U-Sentric, a DGX partner that specialises in customer-driven innovation.

Uncovering New Perspectives

It was immediately clear to me that the Inspiration Session was all about creating a highly collaborative atmosphere. Everybody present at the session could share their ideas or remarks at any time, which resulted in a very organic and flexible flow for the whole session. The participants were challenged to think apart from any legislation on education, or any institutional limitations or budgets – which is surprisingly harder than it initially seems.

This freedom really allowed for new perspectives to emerge, which in turn inspired some interesting insights. It was really cool to witness the balance between this no-boundaries mindset on the one hand, and the solid framework guiding us through the workshop and to a conclusion on the other.

In our session, the focus moved toward identifying causes and consequences of the difficulties students face when choosing their future studies. After a while, we concluded that the consequences of this seemingly small issue in our society had a wide range of significant socioeconomic effects. The root cause of the issue seemed to stem from the different kinds of pressures young students experience from their social environment.

Giving students access to relevant information on different fields of study seemed like a given, but what we realized through this session was that there is also need for a platform where students can interact and communicate with parents, teachers, and peers about their future. An application that centralises all information that is relevant for choosing your preferred field of study, as well as giving you the ability to effectively communicate your interests, goals, and objectives, is an interesting concept.

It is exactly these kinds of ideas that we want to experiment with in future workshops and design sessions. In these sessions, the ideas could be transformed into a design or a first prototype of a new application, which could then immediately demonstrate potential added value to the different business processes of the Flemish government.

In the end, it all comes down to nurturing new ideas, which is exactly the reason why the whole DGX team is very excited to organize more Inspiration Sessions in the future.


Loïc Wetz is a Business Analyst for DXC Technology and a recent graduate of the University of Brussels with a master’s degree in business engineering. He is currently working on a project building ICT solutions for the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA).