Department Work & Social Economy taking the fast lane to a data-inspired government

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  • WSE is the Flemish Government Department for Work and Social Economy. It is primarily responsible for the promotion of employment, serving a broad variety of target audiences.
  • WSE promotes employment through a number of direct and indirect measures, including individual incentives to support continuous education, tax benefits to encourage employment of vulnerable groups, and the funding of employers to make the workplace more accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Because of the sheer volume of programs that WSE administers, it has an enormous amount of data available. The data comprises multiple types, is both structured and unstructured, and comes from multiple sources including internal government databases, third-party data, and public open data.
  • The department knew that it needed to use this data to help deliver better services to the people of Flanders.


  • WSE approached HPE (now DXC Technology) to help them find a way to use all available data to gain business insights and fuel data-driven decision-making.
  • The department was also interested in using data analytics to better understand the combined effects of its various programs.
  • DXC suggested a Big Data Discovery Experience, including a one-day workshop with WSE business owners to decide on project scope, and eight weeks of thorough data analytics.
  • The objective of the workshop was to identify the business issues and outline what WSE wanted to accomplish.
  • During the workshop, participants defined four detailed use cases, aligned objectives, listed all available data sources, and agreed on task owners and next steps.
  • WSE was trying to gain better insight into which of their clients were using what measures. By profiling their clients they were able to measure over- or under-consumption of the set of measures they have in the Flemish economy. Single dataset views never gave that clear answer.
  • The workshop was followed by an eight-week period of data acquisition, integration and advanced analytics. DXC industry-experienced consultants and data scientists with advanced analytics skills worked with WSE to capture the value of their data – supported by the necessary tools and a proven methodology.
  • After eight weeks WSE was shown many intelligent links between measures in scope and use per measure, target audience, and individual target. Models were also presented that make it possible to predict the use of a program, and potential trends.

Value for citizens/government

  • The insights that WSE gained from their Big Data Discovery Experience can inform strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making across the WSE organization.
  • WSE may now adjust its policies to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks, control costs, and improve service delivery.
  • WSE gained clarifying and sometimes surprising insights into:
    • The profile of their target audiences
    • Insight in the mix of uptake companies made out of the total pool of programs. Over- or under consumption of programs provided WSE insight to investigate the need for further promotion or investigation misuse.
    • Insight in the influencing factors that drives behavior
  • The WSE team took the opportunity to fully learn from DXC Big Data Discovery. They were active participants in the entire process, building experience and challenging the way they handle business issues today. It was a truly collaborative and mutually inspiring journey.