Accelerate innovation through interactive co-creation and concept prototyping – The Design Studio Way

Client challengesflanders_horizontaal

  • The Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) promotes Flanders’ energy policy regarding the rational use of energy and sustainable energy production.
  • Its diverse areas of expertise include solar, wind, and sustainable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, energy labelling of buildings, etc.
  • The agency serves a broad target audience including private citizens, companies, architects, other government agencies, schools, manufacturers, and more.
  • VEA approached DGX to enhance its ‘enforcement’ processes for two important domains (EPC and EPB). Today, the procedures are rather cumbersome and not interlinked, and the supporting applications are not user-friendly.


  • DGX organized a Design Studio Workshop for VEA. The workshop is a methodology that accelerates innovation through interactive co-creation and concept prototyping.
  • Design Studio Workshop participants include business owners, end users and people from the IT organization who will be involved in the future implementation, as well as a neutral facilitator, a DGX senior domain expert and an experienced user of visualization tools. The right mix of interest, involvement, skills and experience is essential to success.
  • The workshop aims at rapidly and objectively shaping potential solutions for business issues. The process goes from discovery to prototyping in only three days:
    • Day 1: The business context, the issues to discuss, and the desired outcome are clarified. Divergent business needs are adjusted to determine one common goal.
    • Day 2: The high-level concept is transformed into visual mock-ups. Visualizing a theoretical concept helps people to imagine the technical feasibility and functionality of the solution.
    • Day 3: Different mock-ups are distilled into one prototype through critical and continuous evaluation. A ready-to-use prototype is the desired, tangible outcome of a workshop.

Value for VEA

  • The VEA Design Studio Workshop resulted in a prototype for a common ‘enforcement’ process agreed on by all stakeholders. Instead of multiple complex procedures and two different tool sets, we prototyped an innovative solution for one overall process in one tool for both EPC and EPB enforcements.
  • The workshop helped VEA to rapidly and objectively assimilate knowledge and experience in order to co-create an innovative solution that truly responds to the organization’s needs.
  • After the workshop, VEA field users started to test and judge the prototype and gain thorough insight into the possible solution. Their feedback will be added to the findings from the workshop, and the dossier will be elaborated further to come to a very detailed, comprehensive business case.
  • The business case will allow VEA to make a more informed decision on whether or not to rebuild the current environment. Rather than based on assumptions, the business case is built on shared insights.
  • Thanks to the Design Studio Workshop, VEA has everything in place to start with the agile development of the solution.