Increased employee satisfaction thanks to more user-friendly application for personnel management

Client challengesflanders_horizontaal

  • The Flemish Government uses the personnel management system Vlimpers (Vlaams Interdepartementaal Modulair Personeelssysteem).
  • The system is used by 18,000 people from a large number of entities within the Flemish Government, and more entities will introduce the system in the next years.
  • Need for a user-friendly solution that fits the strategy of the Flemish Government to increase the new way of working (anywhere, anytime).


  • In close cooperation with the Flemish Government, HB-plus developed a mobile version of Vlimpers.
  • It allows users to register holidays or telework days via their smartphone or tablet, without having to log into the Flemish Government network.
  • Managers can approve the holiday or telework requests on their mobile device.
  • Login via the government platform for access management allows quick access to the Vlimpers website.

Value for citizens/government

  • Increased employee satisfaction thanks to user-friendly app.
  • Increased efficiency because of quick and safe access to Vlimpers.
  • Next step in the digitisation roadmap of the Flemish Government.
  • Increased customer satisfaction because of the implementation of an innovative tool.